• Passport valid at least six months
  • 1 visa form +personal information form +consent form
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Bank statements last six months
  • Tax returns last three years
If Employed- Letter from employer stating No objection, Salary slip last three months.
bank statements and tax returns or Form 16
If Visit Relatives- Letter of sponsorship ,sponsor bank statements and tax returns,
passport and visa copy or permit copy.
Property papers if possible
For Student- No Objection from school or College and ID card copy
  • Passport valid at least six months
  • 1 visa form +personal information form + consent form
  • 3 photographs 50mm X 50mm with white background
  • Covering letter for stating purpose of visit
  • Invitation letter from Canadian company
  • Bank statements last six months (personal and company both)
  • Tax returns last three years (personal and company both)
  • Company profile / Memorandum of the company
  • Passport valid at least six months
  • 1 visa form +personal information form + student questionnaire form +consent from
  • 3 photographs 50mm X 50mm with white background
  • Covering letter for stating purpose of visit
  • Letter of acceptance from Canadian school or University
  • Information from school or college regarding exact amount of tuition fee
  • Qualification certificates
  • Proof of funds about your study
  • Letter from parents side on stamp paper No Objection and declaration of financial support of their children.
  • If you have received a loan for your studies, the loan sanction letter should be provided.
  • Income Tax documents for yourself and/or your parents (for past 2 years)
  • Fixed deposits
  • If your family income is from agriculture please include land documents and agricultural income receipts (for the past two years )
  • Letters of employment from each parent's employer, including the company's full name, the address and telephone number of the employer/ supervisor, the length of service and the salary details.
  • Same information for prospective student, if applicable
  • If your or your parent's income is from business ownership please include Proof of Business Ownership ,
  • partnership, business licence(s), bank statements and tax documents from the business (for the past two years)
  • pIf you are receiving funding from a school in Canada or a governmental organization, submit the letter from the funding body detailing the amount you will receive during each year of proposed study
  • If someone other than yourself or your parents are providing funding, please identify their relationship to you,
  • An explanation as to why they are assisting you, information regarding the number of persons in their household, and evidence of their financial ability, including documentary evidence of their liquid assets as well as their financial obligations such as mortgages, loans, etc
Visa Fee Tourist : -
Rs. 3280.00 (single entry)
Rs. 6560.00(multiple entry)
VFS Charges Rs. 756.00 
Business : -
Rs. 3280.00 (single entry)
Rs. 6560.00(multiple entry)
VFS Charges Rs. 756.00 
Student : -
Visa Fee Rs. 5470.00
VFS Charges Rs. 756.00 
Processing Time 04-05 working days (Tourist)
04-05 working days (Business)
04-05 working days (Student)

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AUSTRALIA w.e.f. 13th November 2017, it will be mandatory to have an appointment for the submission of visa applications at all the Australia Visa Application Centres (AVAC) in India. w.e.f. 16.10.2017, VFS charges updated.

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NEW ZEALAND w.e.f 04th Sept 2017, New Zealand visa fess Rs 8900/- D/D in favoring MINISTRY OF BUSINESS INNOVATION AND EMPLOYMENT Demand

Draft of Nationalized bank or Multi Nationalized bank in the favouring of 'TT Services" payable at Mumbai amount of Rs. 1000/- Visa requirements and visa forms updated.  

FRANCE Visa fees updated.

THAILAND Kindly note that the implementation of the temporary Thailand Single Entry Tourist Visa fee exemption will end on 31st Aug 2017. Effective from 01st Sep 2017 applicants will have to pay a visa fee amounting to INR 2000.00 while applying for a Thailand Single Entry Tourist visa.  

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